I'm Jon Green.
a graphic designer based in historic haverhill, mass.

what's my story?

When I was in third grade, I did a career day project on Visual Communications. Something about it called to me and it has been something that has stayed with me as I've gone through life. It was that memory and that calling that propelled me to pursue design as a career.

why does it matter?

Design has always been a way for me to use my creativity to help people build and develop their ideas and to help them solve problems. Whether it's designing a new identity system for a friend's growing family business or designing invitations for a fundraiser, I have always found that my hard work, curiosity, wit, and empathy have been great tools when it comes to helping others.

It's so much bigger than this.

Design is so much more than making things look pretty. It's meant to make things work. Through design thinking, I am able to see problems through a different lens.

selected work

Below are a few examples of my work. These pieces have been selected to showcase my understanding of identity, layout, typography, illustration, color and composition. These will be updated occasionally, so be sure to check back every now and then!

Nibana Organics
Lowell Health Dept.
MBTA Etiquette Posters
Spuckie Magazine
Lila West
Logos + Marks
“Jon is able to take ideas from clients and bring their visual concepts to life.
- Jenn Martin, JM Photography